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All Town Wind Ensemble

News & Updates, Week of April 30, 2014
Thank you for your awesome work this evening! ATWE is forever changed since our weekend at MICCA and we are so proud of tonight’s energy. Here is what you need to know for your next rehearsal on April 30th.
5:40pm: All ATWE officers report for duty. We will have a brief meeting to discuss plans for a wrap-up event for our season.
5:55pm: All members in seats, warming up and tuning
6:00pm: Downbeat
6:10pm: Van der Roost (this week, work on playing with a metronome and fixing any rhythmic or melodic errors at the appropriate dynamic…of course.)
6:30: Holsinger (this week, work on sustaining your phrases; perhaps play along with the recording.)
6:45: O’Loughlin (this week, work on accents/articulation, and “crispness” of articulation.)
7:00pm: Sectionals
7:20pm: Break
7:30pm: Huckeby (please listen to the recording and work with a metronome.)
7:50pm: Hazo run-through (RUBATO AND DYNAMICS are key elements to work on!)
EVERY piece must be played with sensitive dynamics. We need to explore our soft ensemble sound. We already know that we have an awesome loud ensemble sound! Please note that on May 7th, our guest conductor for the Spring season will be Dr. Brian M. Cardany, Assistant Director of Bands & Athletic Band Director at the University of Rhode Island. Please be prepared for a full two hour clinic with him. If you’re interested in his bio, you can find it here: http://www.uri.edu/music/Faculty_Staff/BCardany.html
ATWE Rehearsal Calendar for the rest of our 2013-14 Season:
April 30: 6-8pm
May 7: 6-8pm
May 14: 6-8pm
May 20: 6-8pm
May 28: 6-8pm
June 5: 5-8pm (Dress Rehearsal @ PAC)
June 6: 6-8pm (CONCERT @ PAC – Call Time is 5:00pm!)
June 14: 10am-2pm (ATWE Bottle and Can Drive with CFOM at McParking Lot)

2013 ATWE Contract 


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